Botanical Portraits David Fishman
Botanical Portraits

Unique Botanical Portraits by David H. Fishman

These Botanical Portraits of flowers and plants are not ordinary garden images both in plant selection and photo technique.

Much as you might go to a professional photographer for a portrait sitting, David does the same for plants. These Botanical Portraits exhibit great detail with a broad range of exposures and a wide depth-of-field revealing fascinating shapes and patterns.

The background of each Botanical Portrait is carefully extracted, accenting every detail of these stunning Botanical Portraits.

For more information about the photographer/artist David Fishman, please see the 'Bio' page.

Please feel free to contact David for any inquiries regarding his work, or purchasing a particular botanical portraits of flowers, plants, or even botanical nonsense.

Upcoming Shows / Announcements:


Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Washington State Convention Center.   February 11th - 15th.  2015

San Francisco Flower and Garden Show,  March 18th - 22nd. 2015  San Mateo Event center. 

Edmonds Art Festival, June 19th - 21st. 2015  Edmonds Washington

Anacortes Art Festival, August 7th - 9th, 2015 Anacortes Washington